11kV EX-D Adaptor Gear Mount

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PBE Rutherford introducing the world's first IP68 stainless steel modular EX-D adaptor.

PBE Rutherford - CouplerCo is proud to introduce the world's first stainless steel EX-D Adaptor / Gear Mount.

Designed and manufactured using state of the art digital techniques which has resulted in superior mechanical attributes and exceptional electrical performance that meets and exceeds the requirements of: IECex-IEC 60079, IEC 60093, IEC60112, IEC 60243, AS/NZS 60079, AS/NZS 1300:2009, ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 80079-34, AS 60529-2004 Standards.

The CouplerCo 11kV EX-D Stainless Steel Adaptor is fully EX-D equipment certified - meaning after termination by qualified personnel there is no need to return the adaptor to the authorities for retesting and for issue of a final EX-D equipment certificate… saving you thousands of dollars in down time.

11kV EX-D Adaptor / Gear Mount
Housing: Stainless Steel
Primary Seals: Silicone Rubber
Primary Seals: Silicone Rubber
Festeners: Stainless Steel
Phase Connectors: Silver Plated Copper
Phase Indicators: Brass/Neon Bulb
Rated Voltage: 11kV
Rated Current: 800A
Weight (unfilled): 33kg
Overall Length: 436mm
Height (at flange): 254mm
Width (at flange): 254mm
Cable Capacity: 300mm2 XLPE
Single Conductors: 26.0mm Dia
Available with 8 bolt face only